Bitcoin Cash – Planning to Increase Its Block Size, Once More

Bitcoin Cash – Planning to Increase Its Block Size, Once More

Bitcoin cash creators are making “tentative” plans to increase the cryptocurrency’s block size once again this coming year 2018.

That is based on the new, approximately 6 to 12-month roadmap presented yesterday by the bitcoin cash’s developer team, Bitcoin ABC. The particular plan particularly consists of 2 hard forks – an improvement method which needs everybody operating the software to update – planned schedule in May and November of 2018.

Bitcoin cash is a hard fork of the cryptocurrency bitcoin that was created last August this year.

Successfully blocked by those who work in the developer community who have been hesitant to go too rapidly towards a block size increase (reasoning that it would affect bitcoin’s security), a few of much bigger block supporters moved on their own means and developed their very own cryptocurrency. Notably, bitcoin cash features a block size parameter restriction 8 times bigger than that of bitcoin.

Then again, Bitcoin cash progress did not end in this initial break up. The developers have introduced some other plans to enhance the cryptocurrency, that are included into the new plan.

According to the announcement:

“We want to make it more reliable, more scalable, with low fees and ready for rapid growth. It should ‘just work’, without complications or hassles. It should be ready for global adoption by mainstream users, and provide a solid foundation that businesses can rely on.”

Bitcoin cash enthusiasts think that raising the block size is answer to achieving this, as costs will likely increase less rapidly when the block size gets larger.

Later part in the plan, the Bitcoin ABC creators construct a few other potential features, like reviving past rules that were deactivated on the code.

However, the plan is likely to change while the community chimes in. Bitcoin ABC is simply among the many bitcoin cash software implementations which must fit in and go forward with the progress.

The team does not intend to release an official announcement till February next year.


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